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House in Arco do Cego, Lisbon

This apartment was refurbished according to two clearly different natures: the one that caracterizes the main floor and the one of the attic. In the first level all the elements were re-used, accepting its character; in the attic a more free design was used. The entire house was rebuilt according to the original constructive systems. In the bathroom and kitchen floors as well as in the shower walls a local stone is used, Severall closets and bookshelves reorganize the existent spaces. In the attic, the pinewood constructs the ceiling forming the roof and the floor is painted with a white epoxy surface, inverting the logic founded in the lower floor. In the attic a tree-house was created after a children´s dream.


Pedro Matos Gameiro (coordination), Carlos Crespo and Gonçalo Pinheiro

design team

José Maria Cumbre, Mariana Mateus, Filipa Almeida


João Paulo Cardoso - PRPC, engenheiros


Pedro Romano - PRPC, engenheiros

project year

2005 - 2008


photography Pedro Verde

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