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Laboratory CIEMAR, Sines

The building is placed in an area next to the ocean, where an aquarium, currently unused and aimed to be demolished, is built.

In almost all its extension the laboratory comprises only one floor, apart from its western body, which has a rooftop and a restricted technical area for the roof’s measurement digital reading equipment. The project foresees an adequate landscape integration, making use of the local topography to reduce the impact of its own construction.

The cloister results from the building display, containing porticoes to access the different rooms.

In order to take the utmost advantage of the existing space there are almost no openings to the outside, except on rare occasions when some views are meant to be accentuated. Having this in mind, some of these punctual openings focus on specific areas of the surroundings, such as the natural landscape and the sea.

The program is organized in different spatial categories: the laboratories and its support rooms that include the patio, are located on the south wing; on the west wing we can find the library; the offices, bathroom and another patio are placed on the north wing and on the east wing there is a garage, several technical rooms, a service patio and a parking area.

The extension of the north wing to the east results on the creation of a living space, a kitchen, a dormitory, some bathrooms and a patio.


Pedro Matos Gameiro

design team

Abilio Silva, Josué Valente, Bruno Antão, Paulo Dias, João Lopes, Pedro Youssef


João Paulo Cardoso - PRPC, engenheiros

electrical engineering

Luis Mira - OHMSOR

acoustic / HVAC air treatments / thermal conditioning

Rui Baptista - Espaço Energia


Augusto Macedo - Espaço Energia

project year

2011 - ...


rendering ONstudio model matos gameiro arquitectos

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