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Municipal Housing, Carcavelos


The site of the plot is located on the urbanized Sassoeiros border, on the east side, where Quinta da Bela Vista exists, now occupied by a set of housing buildings that, to the south, flank a landscaped urban park, establishing a poorly defined agenda. Qualified in the wake of the deprived continuous suburban. Paradoxically, this set is flanked by a large area of ​​agricultural land that still subsists in the Ribeira da Laje riverbed valley and which mostly correspond to the areas of the former Quinta de Cima (now National Agronomic Station), formerly belonging to the Palácio Marquês de Pombal, which culminates in the system, to the south. In this pleasant environment, very busy by vineyards that have become remarkable here, also stands out, overlooking the north, the Monastery of Santa Maria do Mar, a reference work of Portuguese modernism and its author, Nuno Teotónio Pereira.

The proposed building touches the ground at its northwest end and then extends above the ground, on pilings, totaling four floors of housing and a top floor entirely for the student residence, open to the sky. The parking lot is in the basement. From a Corbusian perspective, it would be said that the first floors, the housing floors, resume the Carthusian scheme outlined in the immeuble-villas, while the residence level constitutes a inhabited and landscaped penthouse, giving rise to an approach that recovers the toit terrasse, if not very directly the coverage of unitè d´habitación.




Pedro Matos Gameiro (Matos Gameiro Arquitectos) + José Maria Cumbre & Nuno Sousa Caetano arquitectos (ASPA atelier)

design team

Gonçalo Fuso, Vasco Horta, João Lopes

project year



rendering lamb3D

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