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Baths in Sylvanès, France

The entire complex seeks to be harmoniously implanted with the beautiful valley formed by the water stream. The proposed building is set parallel to the watercourse but also features a perpendicular arm that stretches along the access path. This body that goes along the grove of trees helps defining a large welcoming square that precedes the entrance to the building. This way, the aim is to gently reveal the entrances and formalize the pause that articulates the baths with the other buildings and equipments planned for the site.

The building is fundamentally divided into two distinct parts, which correspond to the basement and the upper floor, which rises above it. This distinction manifests in the different materials and construction systems; the exposed concrete base, solidly anchored on the ground and a light wooden structure that, supported on the first one, seeks a close connection to the landscape, constituting a reflection of the forest in which it is located and looking over it from a generous balcony terrace, partially covered.

This material separation corresponds to different uses – if on the ground floor the reception, management, bar, shop, changing rooms, saunas and technical areas are organized, on the upper floor there are therapy spaces and baths, in their various features. The outdoor pool are accessible from both floors and mediate the relationship with the landscape.

In the strict organizational plan, two routes were considered, corresponding to the main functional areas: therapy, baths and saunas, which are arranged independently or autonomously.


Pedro Matos Gameiro

design team

(Paulo Dias, João Varela)

Pedro Youssef, Raquel Batista Pereira

project year

(2017) 2022-...

rendering matos gameiro arquitectos

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