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Studio and Creative Space, Alcácer do Sal

The house is located in the urban center of Alcácer do Sal, occupying a shapeless lot that forms part of the steep slope that is established in this place, integrating several walls that establish platforms where old gardens and orchards still exist. The street limit to the south runs almost parallel to the banks of the river Sado, which flows below, defining a line that determines the point where the orography of the village is accentuated, rising more abruptly to the north limit.

The project tries to deal with the remaining conditions and seeks to build a new front on the street to the south, to preserve the main house located on the east boundary and, fundamentally, to build a set of landscaped platforms at the heart that, at different levels and intersected by volumes and walls, will host part of the program, in permanent negotiation with the topography.

The strategy results in a set primarily defined by patios and viewpoints, gardens and orchards, ponds and terraces which, by their nature, reflect on the ancestral typology of the romantic Mediterranean house, urban heiress of recreational farms, where the outdoor spaces are essential extensions of the closed spaces.

Here we seek the proportionate combination of the shade of the trees with the freshness of the running water, the seclusion of the patios with the extension of the gaze on the terraces and viewpoints. Here, universal harmony is sought, a kind and protective garden, a place of silence and privacy.


Pedro Matos Gameiro with António Costa Lopes

design team

Raquel Batista Pereira, Pedro Youssef, Joana França, Mariana Bacelar, Niccòlo Ansuinelli, Beatriz Rodrigues

landscape architecture

Raquel Batista Pereira, Pedro Matos Gameiro

structural engineer

João Paulo Cardoso (PRPC engenheiros)

HVAC air treatment and thermal conditioning

electrical engineering, acoustics

Mário Boucinha (Blue Orizon)


Augusto Macedo

project year


rendering matos gameiro arquitectos

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