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Sports Pavilion, São Domingos de Benfica

The proposal's main purposes are the creation of a landscaped space and a unique and ordered building that, due to its silent presence, assumes an autonomous identity, but properly integrating in the context and establishing itself as a reference, while is also able to soften and conveniently mend the hustle and bustle that converges in this place. The high platform is understood here as a podium and garden base that integrates the spaces of the program and from which only the volume stands out that announces the two main spaces that make up the sports nucleus (sports’ pavilion and sports’ room) and its roof that, raised, extends beyond the enclosed areas, in order to create the desired shade and protection, composing a secluded transitional space.

Due to the position of the complex, the built base is revealed only on the south front, building a façade there along the development of Rua Professor Reinaldo dos Santos, providing the articulation of the different heights and accesses. The linear design of the new tree-lined parking lane that accompanies the front makes it possible to free up the land upstream for the creation of a generous public garden that embraces and integrates the building. Here, the opposition between the stereotomic character of the base and the tectonic nature of the roof is accentuated by the use of materials that correspond to the nature of each part: while the first is executed in bare concrete, the second calls for the use of a light metallic structure whose proportion and flying position gives it sober manners.

The aim is to obtain a construction that is solidly articulated with the complexion of the place, a construction that sublimes and disciplines what the terrain already anticipates and that, in its markedly horizontal appearance, provides greater meaning and protagonism to the garden and serves as a filter to peripheral agitation and a place of peaceful enjoyment, in direct communion with the spaces for games and sports. And it is the articulation between the green space and the sports areas that results in a mutual benefit, where both enhance each other reciprocally, providing differentiated and multiplied readings, in a calibrated complicity that we intend to accentuate here.



Pedro Matos Gameiro

design team

Raquel Batista Pereira, Pedro Youssef, Mariana Bacelar, Niccolò Ansuinelli

landscape architecture

Filipa Menezes (F|C Arquitectura Paisagista)

structural engineer, hidraulics

Miguel Villar (Betar)

HVAC air treatment and thermal conditioning

electrical engineering and fireproof concept


Mário Boucinha (Blue Orizon)

fire safety

Marlene Roque

project year


rendering matos gameiro arquitectos

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