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House in Horta do Vale, Odeceixe

The summer house is located in Odeceixe, on a steep slope between two streets. It consists of two blocks, strategically placed to embrace the surrounding neighbourhood in a conciliatory gesture. The blocks are unaligned in accordance with the vocation of the place and the ancestral logic of occupation in this town. Like two revelation boxes, they form a zigzag on the outside, with two staircases linking three pateos on different levels. The lower one leads to the entrance hall and a visitor’s room, while the other, on an intermediate level gives, onto the living area (kitchen, sitting-room, main bedroom) and a fountain. The last one, on the upper level, leads to two bedrooms. The outside spaces are not mere scenery but a dynamic force that organises the whole, forming a continuous space that extends inside the compartments – hollows dug into the monolithic surfaces, marking familiar rites.


Pedro Matos Gameiro

design team

Paulo Dias, Francisco Cunha, João Varela, Maria Marçal Gameiro, João Carlos Lopes, Raquel Batista Pereira


João Paulo Cardoso - PRPC, engenheiros

project year

2015 - 2022


photography Pedro Pral drone photography Jorge Pereira

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