biblioteca e arquivo municipal de grando


Municipal Library, Grândola

The new Municipal Library and Archives of Grândola are accessed through the cluster of palm trees that structures the new central square (Praça da República), epicentre that connects the city park (Jardim Municipal) in the southwest to the “Orange Tree Garden” (Jardim das Laranjeiras) on Rua Dr.Júlio do Rosário Costa in the east. 

With its scale, location and design, the new building has become a reference point, structuring the city and giving it character through its counterpoint with the urban continuum. Our concern has been to elucidate the building’s presence in the square, making it solid and identifiable, and to include it in the mesh of streets by creating a continuity between the yard formed by the square and the interior spaces of the building. We enter the library through a double-height cloister, which forms the main hall. All the spaces gravitate around this large open-air precinct, from where stairs lead up to a balcony overlooking the square.



Pedro Matos Gameiro and Pedro Domingos

design team

Paulo Dias, João Varela, Abilio Silva, Pedro Gonçalves, João Carlos Lopes, Raquel Pereira


Fernando Rodrigues - ARA, Alves Rodrigues & Associados

acoustic / HVAC air treatment / thermal conditioning 

Guilherme Carrilho da Graça - Natural Works

electrical engineering / fireproofing concept

Luis Mira - OHMSOR


João Guimarães


Leonor Cheis - NPK, arquitectos paisagistas

quantities surveyor

Ana Cotrim - Tribato

project year

2012 / 2016 - 2021

photography matos gameiro arquitectos, pedro domingos arquitectos rendering / model matos gameiro arquitectos